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Discovering Undervalued Hidden 100X AltCoin Gem

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Hundreds, if not thousands, of tokens, are released every single day on various blockchain networks, such as Ethereum or Binance Smart Chain (BSC). The majority of these tokens are either shitcoins created by newbies looking to cash in on the cryptocurrency hype or scams created by rogue developers looking to defraud unsuspecting investors. However, hidden among this sea of shitcoins and scamcoins are a few gems that would reward early investors 100x or even 1000x.

The cryptocurrency world is a modern-day "gold rush," where a prudent selection can instantly make an individual wealthy.


How do you discover these crypto gems?


There are only two things you must do:


  • Spotting a potential crypto gem ahead of the competition
  • Conduct immediate research and confirm its growth potential.



Sighting a crypto gem:

Being the first to notice a potential 100x coin is critical. In traditional financial assets, friends and family of business owners frequently benefited from "insider trading," as they were the first to learn about a company's launch. The beauty of blockchain's transparency is that you do not need to be pals with the token creators. Every transaction is recorded on the blockchain.

The question is what should you be on the lookout for? Consider the journey of an early-stage cryptocurrency. Tokens must first be deployed on the blockchain, and then liquidity added to a decentralized exchange (DEX) such as Uniswap for Ethereum or PancakeSwap for BSC. Next, the token creators would implement the necessary controls, such as locking liquidity, to protect the investor's interest and instill the necessary trust and confidence in them to purchase the token. This is followed by marketing and exchange listing.   At this stage of promotion, you will typically learn about such gems, but you are already late and there will be a large number of competing investors.


However, is there a way to learn about a crypto gem even before marketing begins? It is indeed possible; all of these events, including token deployment, liquidity addition, and control mechanisms such as liquidity locking, are recorded in blockchain transactions. You can indeed unearth a gem before anyone else if you look for such transactions. However, the issue is sifting through this huge blockchain haystack in search of the needle of the right transactions. It is humanely impossible to constantly monitor blockchain explorers and analyze transactions in real-time.


Not to worry, a dapp has been launched that makes it possible to find 100x altcoins for the very first time. Mudra Discover for the BSC network keeps track of the BEP-20 tokens when they lock liquidity in real-time. It also displays the liquidity value and liquidity lock period directly from blockchain transactions and smart contracts. The tokens with a decent liquidity value locked for a year or more are the ones that really have a chance of becoming the next dogecoin.


Researching and validating a crypto gem:


So you've discovered a potential crypto gem, but should you dive in and invest? Not yet; you must conduct in-depth research to determine whether there is indeed a gem potential. This again necessitates an examination of the fundamentals of the token, which are all available on Blockchain, but extremely time-consuming manually. T here is a dapp for this purpose as well: Mudra Research is the most advanced and comprehensive token research tool available. In a matter of seconds, you can learn all of the critical parameters associated with any BSC token such as token ownership and whether any supply is burned. You get a token contract source code analysis done and if the token is likely to be a honeypot which may restrict holders from selling their share. The liquidity for the token is analysed and all the important insights like if it is locked are captured.


With these two dapps, you can identify and research crypto gems much ahead of the competition, and who knows, you might become the next poster boy for the crypto rags to riches story.


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